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In March 2019

Guarantee the highest security

Switching unlimited number of accounts in 5 seconds

Store and send Ethers, Tokens, or NFT conveniently

Experience Dapps and DeFi in a distinct way

Synchronize across devices

The No.1 Ethereum Wallet

of Japan

Trade freely on HB DEX

Chat and send Crypto via HB Chat

Receive free Airdrops and Gacha Drop via Grab Token

Sell or buy NFT directly on HB NFT Market

Buy Crypto by using Credit Cards


Desktop Version

HB Desktop is now available with HB DEX, NFT Market, Simplex which enables users to purchase Crypto by using Credit Cards, a cool Dapps Browser and so much more!

windows ethereum wallet
mac ethereum wallet

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Mobile Version

The mobile version was designed to make everything fast and convenient. Crypto transactions can be made in a few simple steps. It also enables users to chat and send Crypto on the go.

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APK ethereum wallet.png

HB Awards

HB Wallet was honored to receive two valuable prizes across Asia during the developing process.  

HB Wallet Logo

HB Walletは、2017年7月リリースされたイーサリアム(ETH)に特化した仮想通貨ウォレットです。このアプリケーションは、Ethereum Blockchainのユーザーをサポートするために、異なる4つのプラットフォームで完全なエコシステムとして設計されています。我々は、テクノロジーを簡素化することを目指しております。これは、大量採用につながる鍵です。

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