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ユーザーは、HB Walletで仮想通貨、画像、または絵文字を直接チャットし及び送信できます。 これはこの機能を使用してユーザーをサポートする最初のイーサリアムウォレットです。

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What is a DENTACOIN wallet?

Dentacoin (DCN) is a blockchain-based token, which offers blockchain solutions for the global dental industry. The token was first introduced to the public in February 2017 and was listed on various exchanges.


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Dentacoin aims to align dentist/patient needs and interests in an effort to improve dental health care all over the world. As finding a trusted dentist can be concerning, Dentacoin will reward contributors with DCN tokens for honest reviews to connect patients with reliable dentists. It also seeks to remove the lengthy supply chains to reduce the cost of medication, coupled with improvìng health habits and nutrition.

DCN is an ERC20 compliant token built on the Ethereum blockchain, so it can be stored in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. If you’re new in crypto or simply looking for a secure place to store your DCN, a Dentacoin mobile wallet may be suitable regarding its convenience, security, privacy, and backup features.


What to consider while choosing a DENTACOIN wallet?



It’s important to look out for a Dentacoin wallet that allows you to manage your DCN tokens easily. 


If you are using more than just one mobile device, your Dentacoin wallet should be available to download across multiple platforms such as Android and iOS.


Ideally, your Dentacoin wallet even has additional compatible versions for desktop platforms such as MacOS and Windows.


Private keys


A good Dentacoin wallet should give you full control over your private keys. This means only you have access to your own funds. Some Dentacoin wallets are able to convert your private key into encrypted forms.


It is even better if the wallet does not require any information registration to enhance your anonymity.


User-friendly interface


If you are a new user, you definitely would not want to get stuck with a Dentacoin wallet that is hard to function, verbally confusing or visually unattractive.


A go-to Dentacoin wallet should provide concise instructions where needed and have everything written in familiar terms.


Robust Security and Backup options

It’s important to look out for a Dentacoin wallet that offers layers of security. This means that the more security features your Dentacoin wallet has, the better it is. Some of the most effective features include PIN code and fingerprint verification, Two-factor (2-FA) authentication, Passphrase (Backup phrase), Multi-signature, etc.


Good reviews


It’s never been an excessive amount of work to look for independent online reviews of any Dentacoin wallet you’re considering to use. 

Which DENTACOIN wallet SHOULD I download?

You can manage and monitor your Dentacoin (DCN) tokens directly in HB Wallet, along with any other ERC20 coins you wish to keep safe. HB Wallet is a multi-platform Dentacoin wallet with Android, iOS and desktop versions available. The wallet supports DCN and all other ERC20, ERC223, and ERC721 tokens. HB Wallet also offers a host of useful features (HB Chat, Grab Token, NFT Market, Smart Proof, Swap Token, etc) and a built-in Decentralized Exchange - HB DEX


HB DEX is a desktop version of HB Wallet that allows users to trade, swap back and forth between all of the assets supported, including Dentacoin (DCN). The decentralized exchange is clean and secure which has little to no access to the Internet. This makes HB DEX safer than any web-based cryptocurrency exchange.


Even though HB Wallet comes with various features, the interface is intuitive and easy to use. Moreover, the wallet is non-custodial, which means you are the only one who keeps your private keys to your own funds.


So far, HB Wallet has more than 270,000 downloads. The Team is very supportive and contactable via many social platforms. 

HB dentacoin wallet

Download HB Wallet

Dentacoin Price Prediction

Disclaimer: The following opinions are based on the data collected from various sources. This should not be considered as investment advice. Viewers should do their own research before investing.


Dentacoin offers quite a lot of speculations in the crypto space regarding its future value. Let’s us walk you through some of the price predictions for Dentacoin by experts from major prediction sites:


Experts from Crypto Ground have predicted that in a year, DCN might fall to $0.0001. In a 5 years time frame, DCN might reach $0.0027.


Digital Coin Price believes that in 5 years, DCN might reach $0.00025164.


Experts from Coin Fan are known as giving optimistic predictions. They believe DCN might reach a $0.4 point mark by 2023.


Conswitch predicts Dentacoin might reach $0.00038 by the end of 2020, which can happen because of the outstanding developments happening around the year.


Also according to Coinswitch, the Dentacoin price is up for a long-term 2837.961789% in the DCN price value with a 5-year investment. In the year 2023, the Dentacoin price is forecasted to stand at $ 0.00168. Dentacoin Price Prediction 2025 suggests that DCN might reach $0.002.


Nevertheless, Wallet Investor is known for its pessimistic and bearish prediction. Their experts claim that by 2020 end, DCN might go down to $0.000003.

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